It is not a coincidence you have found me


My name is Debora Luzi,

I am a catalyst, a daring woman, a genius activator, a mum to three gorgeous boys, a salsa dance lover and a visionary.


" It is better to be negative, so if it goes bad you already knew it!"


I grew up with a mother who had many dreams but never followed them. I will never forget the hours I spent watching her lying on her bed with her hands under her chin, dreaming for a better life, more money, a better relationship.

She never had the courage to go and follow what she truly loved, and watching this and the consequences it brought to her life, hurt so much that I made a promise to myself I would never do the same and inspire other women to listen.


I started honoring that voice after leaving a verbally abusive and unhappy relationship who left me totally numb and dead inside. I did not know who I was anymore if I ever was someone. 

I left and became a single mum in a country where I had no family at all. After waiting and waiting to be accepted for a council accommodation I made a promise to my son that we will buy our first flat...and we did after only two years.


I never take no for an answer, I never listen when people tell me I can't, will not do something. These limiting voices somehow have been a fuel to my resilience and determination.


I had done many therapies and taken so many courses to sort out myself and go back to my true self and true purpose only realizing that the solution has always been inside myself.



I have done many different jobs in my life, traveled extensively in more than 50 countries all over the world and often worked and travelled at the same time.



I always dreamt of being my own boss and truly do what makes my heart sing. 


I have worked in the corporate world for over 10 years looking after event and marketing, a job I truly enjoyed but which was not giving me the goosebumps I was longing for. I found myself no longer motivated and continuously asking myself " there must be more to life than this'. 



So the beautiful universe started to create this beautiful path for me....


I started studying coaching and various healing techniques and, as I was my best client ever, I started to change, to feel alive, I started to dream again and dream big. 



At one stage in my life, I was working full time, studying, seeing practice clients and managing a family of 5 (I have three gorgeous children). 


I thought I had all the time in the world. Somehow I was so fearful of starting my own business until that day when one of my little ones had a serious accident at the nursery and nearly lost his life. 

I remember running to the hospital like a madwoman and saying while crying " Hold on, mami is leaving her job and is finally coming to pick you up at the school gate."


And as a woman true to my desires, I kept that promise.



And here I am,  now running a business I utterly adore, helping women to create and grow a business they truly love by following their passion and purpose.


Business is like a spiritual journey, the most intense, rewarding and challenging journey as every day we need to deal with our fears, limitations, confront our old self in order to move forward and to keep walking. 


I had many difficult moments in this journey: lack of support from close friends and family, days when I had no money in my account, days I wanted to give up as everything looked dark......but I kept walking, believing in what I was doing, believing in myself and in the message I had to deliver. I could not stay in the dark because of some limitations and deprive hundreds, thousands of women on the same journey, of my help and support. 


And I still keep going.....and I always will!


I feel extremely blessed that life has chosen this path for me, and I truly believe that if I can do this so can you.  


Daring love, 



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"Coaching with Debora has completely changed my life"
Lucia P. 

© 2019 By Debora Luzi 

Debora Luzi