How to attract your ideal clients and get all those YESES

Live Three days Training

STARTING MONDAY 10th July until Wednesday 12th July 1pm BST

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Do you keep asking yourself :

" Where are those clients?"

"How do I connect with them?

" What shall I say to them?"

" How am I going to speak to them?

We often overcomplicate things, and we forget that the most delicious and wonderful things in life are the simplest.

How do I know?

Because that is what I did.

I use to say to myself " How am I going to find all those clients?" and had no idea what to do when it came to connection and sales calls, until I started to apply simple tips and tools which worked magic for me. Only on the first week of implementing these I connected to 12 people and got 4 YESES, that is a 30% sales conversion :)

Let me show you all these tips and tools.

If you have been struggling to find clients, speak to them and get them to say YES to you then you are in the right place gorgeous!

How wonderful would it be if you:

Could find clients easily

Connect with them in the most natural and authentic way

Build beautiful relationship with them 

Build their trust

Make them want to jump and work with you without asking how much it will be

Knew you are THE ONE that finally has the solution for them 

Show up confident and powerfully for them

Your soul clients are already there for you,

waiting for you to connect to them, propose and help them

Let me show you how.

In this three days training I will share all the secrets and tips to make this effortlessly wonderful.

We will go on a journey which will make you start loving connecting and have lots of sales conversations booked in your diary.

And get those YESES.....

It is totally possible for you, right now.... and the more you do it the better you

will become at it.  

"I already knew, the moment I spoke to Debora, she was the one  for me"

(Diana C.)

Are you daring to get in?

The training will be Monday 10th July and Tuesday 11th July at 1pm BST, 8am EST with a Bonus day Wednesday 12th July

On a private FB group.

£27 ( NORMALE VALUE £107)

( You will be added to the private FB group as soon as payment is received  and you can start asking questions in the group and get to know other ladies too). 

Your future clients and your Business will thank you forever !

With daring love for now,



Sounds too good to be true?