Life Coaching

Life coaching is your personal journey to discover and achieve what you really want in life.


We all have wishes, dreams, ideas, projects which often we forget about, because we have no time, money or simply because it is better to remain in a zone of comfort in our life then experiment new paths which would lead us to challenge ourselves, make changes in our life and ultimately be the person we want to be and live the life we want to live.


Life coaching aims to help reveal your life purpose, reach your full potential and shape your future as you really want it to be without limitations, ifs and buts.


Often we do not see clearly;  we limit ourselves with self-imposed and inherited beliefs that end up ruling our lives. We limit ourselves, become blocked from moving forwards and end up feeling stuck.


Coaching can help you overcome these beliefs and gain the confidence you need to act, move forwards, turn dreams into reality and as a result, make things happen. 


I believe that the key to positive changes lies within all of us. Coaching can  help to unearth that key, unlocking the mechanism to connect you wiht your inner voice and intuitions.


If you are asking yourself the below questions, then coaching can be your answer:


What is that I really want?


I feel stuck in this particular situation, what can I do?


What is stopping me from achieving my full potential?


How can I move forward?



Coaching sessions can be done face to face or on skype.

I can skype anywhere in the world.


How coaching differ from other types of therapy?


Coaches do not give any advice or counselling and instead of fixing the problem they help the client to find their own solutions. Therapies and counselling are aimed at healing the past while coaching build and shape your future.


How does coaching works?


A coaching session last an hour with the first intake session lasting an hour and an half to give the coach a chance to get to know the client and what their expectations are. Sessions are either in person at the coach practice in SE17 or by Skype anywhere in the world. I usually recommend between 4 to 6 sessions to start to see some benefits and changes in the client. The client needs to be fully committed in making positive changes to their life and lifestyle in order to achieve their goals.



How will I know this work?


Coaching and other treatments I offer will only work if the client is fully committed and put 100% of their time and dedication. I can guarantee you my full commitment and dedication to assist you in living your best life, overcome any obstacles that might stop you on the way and gain the confidence you need.

Please also read some of the testimonials on the page for some successful stories.

DeboraLuziCoachingand Healing
Debora Luzi Coaching and Healing
"Coaching with Debora has empowered me to completely change my life"
Lucia P.
To find out more about what Life coaching is and how it can help you, read my blog below:
Coaching Packages
I offer bespoke coaching packages for a period of 3 or 6 months.
After and initial complimentary 30 minutes session ( usually on Skype) to see if the client is happy to take things further and commit themselves to make changes in their life, I create a bespoke package based on the client vision, needs and mindset.
I use many different techinques during my coaching which includes energy work and homework to best assist the client in reaching their maximum potential and ultimately live the vision they have created for thei life. 
I am very committed to your success but you must be more than me.
Send me an email to book your first free session on Skype.

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