Reiki is a completely natural healing method which accelerates the body, mind and spiritit's healing process. Through  Reiki  a sense of balance, purpose and spirituality is naturally restored.


Reiki is the Japanese word for the Universal life force, the energy that sustains our entire world.


Reiki is an ancient Japanese form of stress reduction, relaxation and general well-being of laying hands on the human or animal body.


Reiki can increase energy, reduce pain and produce a deep relaxation and a general feeling of well-being.


Reiki has been applied in several hospitals in the USA and it is proven to reduce therecovery tiime of patients.


The Reiki Principles


Just for today


Be free of anger

Be free of worry

Be fulfilled with gratitude

Be the best you can be

Be kind


What Reiki is used for?


Stress relief

Deep relaxation

Increase personal energy and vitality

A healthy mind-body connection

Detoxification and deep cleansing

Release of emotional and energetic blockages

Support one’s personal and spiritual growth.


N.B. Reiki treatment is not a replacement of any medical treatments. Reiki does not cure  medical conditions, it simply assists people in becoming healthier.


Distance Reiki healing

I can also arrange to send Reiki healing to clients far away or unable to meet me in person. Distance Reiki can also heal our inner child and our own self at certain tiemes in the past. 

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