February 28, 2017



I always thought that asking for help was only for the weak, until I had my first son.

When my son was born, I found myself finally breaking that barrier and saying " Could you help me?" and to be honest it did not sound as bad as I thought!


I now think that asking for help is beautiful, and helping each others is such a great gift we all need to share.


I had people around me criticising me when i was asking for help, saying it was " rude" " not nice" " do it yourself" " People are not going to like it" "people are not there for you"......


All these phrases got me stuck for so long in my " only me, I do not need help world" which did not allow me to actually experience how grateful, beautiful and rewarding is asking for help and of course giving it too.


Imagine...." How do you feel when someone ask you for help?" Just imagine when someone ask you for direction in the street and you make them go exactly where they want to go, and then they say to you " oh thank you so much" and give you a big smile.......can you connect to that feeling? Some people call this  "feeding our ego" be honest whatever.....I want you to connect to the feeling of truly helping another human awesome is that.......


Now, would you deprive another human being of that awesome feeling by not asking them for help?


I now ask for help all the time. When I am on the train going to the market and needing to go up the stairs with my heavy suitcase...." Excuse me, would you mind helping me?"  Until now I have not received a no, and I can tell you how happy all these people are when I say " Thank you".


When we want to do it all, we just burn ourselves out, start stressing and, for what?  


I ask for help and I am not ashamed of it. 


So stop playing the superwoman or superman....give your ego some sweets and say" Could you help me please" and if the person you asked to, for whatever reason says no, it is not about you, it is about them and their relationship with "helping"...move on, to the next person, the one that truly feel awesome to help you. 


Have a helpful day.


Empowering love,







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