The power of post-notes

March 25, 2016


Every day we are now bombarded by positive quotes, wise sentences, famous people speeches or memorable words. Facebook, instagram, tweeter are now full of them and make our daily bread as we truly feed on them! But how much of these words are sticking to our mind and how much do we put them into practice? 


I often look forward to reading some new and empowering quotes with the hope that they will make me feel happier and stronger and more able to go through the day ahead.


Often these quotes make us powerful for as long as we read them ( let's say 10seconds) until we are distracted by a friend's image, the phone ringing or the boss looking at us!


What happens to these lovely quotes who often have a very short lived influence on us?


I am a very big fan of quotes and what I have started to do is write them down on pieces of paper or post notes. I often choose only the ones that really resonate with my personality and my life  and i write them down and stick them all around my house or in books I am reading.


A positive note like " choose to be happy today" is next to my bed so that I can see it first thing in the morning and start the day with the right attitude.


A " love yourself " note is in the bathroom, next to the mirror so that when I brush my teeth and look at myself  I can repeat this like a mantra.


In the kitchen next to my boiler, visible while i cook I have" do not take yourself too seriously" which makes me smile while chopping the onions!


Also in the bathroom, I have a beautiful note, cut in a heart shape that say something like " in this house we love and respect each other, we are open and honest to each other and have lots of fun together " a perfect read for the times we sit for a bit longer than a pee...


In the main door, next to the entry phone a post note reads " leave all the stress, anger, frustrations outside before entering this peaceful and happy home".


Writing post notes is actually a lot of fun and I strongly recommend you try it. You can use different colours, sizes, add pictures or icons and really have fun making them. They can be so powerful, change our mood, make us smile and most of all remind us of these beautiful quotes we read about every day but soon forget about.


What will your post notes look like and where will you stick them? Feel free to email me pictures or post them on my Facebook page.



Have lots of post-notes fun!




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