What life coaching really is, and how can it help you and your life?

March 30, 2016

The concept of coaching originated in sport some decades ago and was introduced by a guy called Timothy Gallwey who wrote a book called “The inner game of tennis”. Gallwey focused on the word “ inner “ to indicates the player’s internal state of mind. He claimed that if a coach could remove or reduce the internal obstacles to a player’s performance there would not need to be much technical intervention from the coach itself.


Gallwey says that “coaching is unblocking people’s potential to maximize their own performance”.


And if this worked for sports players, why could it not work for any other person who wanted to maximize their own life performance?


This is when the concept of life coaching started to grow.


A life coach is like a mediator between an individual and his ideal life.  A life coach can start raising awareness in your life of what you really want, what your purpose is and what actually make you feel happy and satisfied in your life. As John Whitmore says in his book Coaching for Performance“ We are able to control only that of which we are aware. That of which we are unaware controls us”



This will happen through a set of open ended questions which will make the client understand and analyse their current life situation.

The coach will then challenge the client out of their comfort zone and look at what could possibly stop him from moving forward, from achieving what they really want, from living the best life they can live. Often is fear of the unknown, fear of changes ( we fear changes more than death) fear of failure and fear of success to name a few. Our own beliefs system limit us daily with limiting beliefs which we have inherited from our past or which we personally create to protect ourselves from hurts, confrontations, and many negative past experiences. A coach can really help you overcome these fears and create a new positive beliefs system which can empower you to live a more fulfilled life.


A coach does not give any advice as we, all, are the only one that know what Is best for ourselves and our life. A client will be guided to find their own possible solutions to their problem or dilemma. When we come up with our own solutions and strategies we are more likely to act on them then if a friend tells us to do so.



In Summary few of the things a coach can help you with are:


Getting out of a situation that makes you unhappy

Planning how to make an idea live, a project going and a dream become true

Believing in yourself more

Creating a new positive mind-set

Accepting changes with grace and ease

Understanding what limit you in your life and replacing it with new positive beliefs


This sounds great right? But how can this be possible?


It can certainly be, because we are possible, because each day we have the freedom to choose if we want to feel happy or sad, make positive changes or stay where we are. We are the only one that can change our life, and it starts with changing ourselves first. You can choose right now to make coaching work for you or not.


In my own words coaching can really help the beautiful flower in you to blossom.

Life is a sea of opportunities which we must only grab with confidence and belief.


We have no time to sit under a tree and just watch the clouds pass by, the sun shine and the rain falls. We shall learn to ride the clouds, to shine like the sun and to dance in the rain.


Love and light,


Debora Luzi Coaching and Healing





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