The story of a stressed man

April 4, 2016



When I do not play with my kids, cook or clean, coach clients or offer alternative therapies I go to sell my crystal jewellery in markets. It is my way of letting people know what I do, exchange energy, listen to stories, and offer any advice or help to anyone who might need it.


Last week I was in a rather quiet market so I thought I had to do something to make people stop by, so I decided to offer free spraying of the lovely chakra balancing sprays I make.


For the lucky ones that accepted my offer, I made them close their eyes, take few deep breaths and took them into a very deep 3 minutes guided meditation before spraying their aura and their chakras.


To my surprise a big man with his work uniform stopped by, the type you think ( or so I did) would never stop and even dare to close his eyes in the middle of the market, in front of the eyes of other market traders and passers by. Well, this man did, and followed all my instructions and stood there for the all duration of my little ritual.  When it opened his eyes he said “ how beautiful it is to stop just for few minutes and relax”.


I was truly impressed by his appreciation.


We started talking and he told me briefly about his life, his family and children which he loved dearly. He was telling me how stressed ruled his life on a daily basis, “ London is so stressful, you always run and run and feel you never arrive, I have a lovely family and all I do is let my work stress go home with me every evening, shout at my children, complain to my wife that the house is not clean, feel tense” “I do not have time for my children anymore and my wife says she wishes the man she married returned home as she did not like this new one which only think about money and work” “Yes I have more money” he continued, “but I have no time to enjoy them with my kids, to do things. Back in my country I was poorer but so much richer inside and I used to do so many more things with my family”.


I could see the pain in his eyes, the desire for him to be a different person and not a victim of a 6 letter word ( stress). I told him that being aware of this was the first step to make positive changes in his life and to start doing things he would not regret when he will be 80 years old.

I suggested he took three deep breaths before entering his house in the evening, and at each exhalation to imagine the stress and tension of the day leave his body gently and repeating in his mind “ You no longer serve me in this moment”.


I have asked him what would he like to do to make a small change in his life and he said straight away: “ I want to be with my family more and tell them I love them”. While he was saying this I could see his eyes watering and I felt so emotional too.


I felt so privileged to witness such a beautiful eye opening moment. The man passed by my stall later and said “ Thank you for your kind words and for making me realise what is really important to me”. He showed me a beautiful gift he bought for his wife and he said he could not wait to go home and hug her and his children.


In just three minutes this man had the ability to see deep in his life, see the mistakes he was making and find the courage to make the first step to positive changes. It might take him a while, he might find few rocks on the way but the important is that he started walking and I am sure he will keep walking.


I would urge anyone to find time to stop, breath and relax everyday. Even for only three minutes a day. Some of the people I meet says “ but what three minutes could do to my life” try it and tell me what difference this could make. They did definitely make a difference for that man.


Love and light,




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