I set goals and visualise, and you?

April 16, 2016




According to the Oxford English dictionary the word visualisation means “ to form a mental image in our mind”.

I encountered few people during my workshops or coaching sessions that claim to not be able to visualise at all and just can’t see things. This can be true for some, but often we do not realise that we visualise daily: while waiting for the bus and imaging the bus coming, waiting in the cold and visualising us sitting in front of a cup of tea, arriving late at work and imaging the boss getting upset, wearing that lovely dress at a party which we saw at the window shop.


If you are still reading and are still convinced you can’t visualise, try this: close your eyes and imagine you entering your front door, imagine the key entering the hole, you opening the door, imagine taking off your shoes, smelling the fragrance of your house. Now go to the kitchen and visualise yourself making a cup of tea. How are you doing? Now imagine a blue giraffe on top of your table and voila! You have passed the test.


Visualisation is so powerful and I use it as a tool with my clients to make goals clearer in their mind. When we see, feel, hear, touch and even smell our goals, they become so real in our mind and consequently we are more likely to act upon them.


Imagine you holding a lemon in your hands, taking it to your mouth and giving it a big bite. Your mind think this is real so your mouth start making saliva, just from a visualisation. The mind could not differentiate if the vision was real or not, and what it did was sending a command to the mouth to make saliva as it would do if you really had a lemon in your mouth. Very interesting don't you think?


So close your eyes and start visualising your first goal, or life dream: where are you? What the scenario around you looks like? What are you wearing? What are you hearing, smelling? Focus also on your feeling, how do you feel, are you happy, excited, peaceful? How are the people around you? What are they saying? What is their reaction?


Going through this process really help us to focus, and  helps our mind and body react to our goals' vision. Who knows if just by visualising your body will respond in a certain way and help you make that first action, just like the mouth and the saliva.


I leave it to you to test the power of your mind.


Have a “visualastic” day!


Love and light,


Debora Luzi Coaching and Healing 

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