Are you attracting enough?

May 2, 2016

So many people are talking about the law of attraction but what this really means and does it really works?


The principle behind the law of attraction is that anything we think of during the day can be attracted into our life. So we must be very careful what we think of.


“We are not who we are and do, we are what we think. All that we are, arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.” This means that we can attract things in our life just with our thoughts.


How many times have you woken up late, switched off the alarm and started rushing. And while you rush you think you will be late, the bus will not arrive on time, the lift will be broken and you will be late, and of course all that you thought of will happen by magic as your mind has been programmed to be late by your thoughts.


The law of attraction dated back 391 BC when Plato postulated the first law of affinity that “likes tend toward likes”.

One of the recent users of this law is Louise Hay the founder of Hay House and the concept that we can heal our life and live a happier life by saying positive affirmations every day.


Think of the people who always says “ I never win anything” and of course what do you think it will happen to them? They will never win. The universe has got big receptors and listens to our wishes, thoughts and desires and just deliver what we constantly think of.


What about if we could just order form the universe and add all that we want to a shopping cart? Wouldn’t’ it be fantastic?


I want to share with you few tips to help you attract what you want in life. Try them and see which one work best for you:



  • Say positive affirmations every day, and truly believe that they will eventually come into our life. (We must be very disciplined in doing this as if we unconsciously believe that this is nonsense we will not succeed in attracting what we truly want). You can find some of Louise Hay positive affirmations on you tube and I would definitely recommend you listen to them while you sleep at night so that they can be embedded in your subconscious mind).


  • Write down what you wish for on a piece of paper. You must write this around 100 times for at least 15 days.


  • Make a vision board. Cut or draw pictures of what you want in a big piece of paper, or simply write positive words, wishes, affirmations etc and put the board next to your bed. Look at it every morning and every night. I will soon write a blog about how to make vision boards, which can be really fun, so watch this space!


  • Repeat positive affirmation in front of the mirror or while you walk, drive, wait for the bus ( yes  I know I mention this a lot, but the time you wait for the bus or are on a train could be used in such a better way than checking your Facebook :)


  • manifest and attract what you want through Tetha Healing ,an healing modality created by Vianna Stibal. See her website for more details.



By simply saying positive affirmations every day and catching yourself when you say something negative you will make a big difference. If you catch yourself saying or thinking negative try to rephrase the sentences with a positive affirmation.


For instance replace the below:


“ Nobody loves me” with “ Life loves me, I love myself and I am surrounded by love”

“ I am so slow at learning” with “ I am a sensible and motivated learner”

“ I never have money at the end of the month” with “ I manage my finances really well and money are abundant in my life”

“ My boss  is not going to like this” with “ My boss is a good person and appreciate me and my work”

and so on.


Remember there is plenty in the universe for anyone you just need to go and grab and call it into your life by keeping a positive mind-set and changing the way you speak and think.


There is an exercise I love to do during my workshops which will set you off to activate your capability to attract and receive good things into your life:


‘Stand up straight and stretch your arms up high to the sky, as long as you can, imagine touching the sky and grabbing all you need from the universe; imagine it, touch it and feel it in your hands, absorb it and bring it gently into your body."


I was cycling through the park the other day and when I realise how blue and beautiful the sky was I stopped and asked two French ladies to take a picture of me with my hand reaching the sky ( the one you see now), they looked at me so perplex and were wondering in French what I was doing. I explained to them that I am a life coach and I wanted to write a blog about attracting and manifesting anything we want in life. I am not sure they got the idea but I am sure they took a great picture :)


The law of attraction really works if we really work at it ( imagine it like a muscle, the more you exercise it , the more the muscle will grow). It might not always be possible to have a positive mind when we feel angry or upset, but the most important thing is to let go quickly and to not let the negative staff sink in.

Imagine giving them a permit visa for only few hours ( where possible ) and when the time is up say “ sorry friend your time is up  you must now leave my mind and my body”. So that you can carry on practice thinking positively!


Good luck.


Lots of love,







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