How to embrace changes

May 31, 2016


I was writing my leaflet for my workshop and I asked a friend her opinion about the words I used, and she said:

“Do not use the word change, as people are scared of changes. They will not come to the workshop if this is what you offer”


I did not agree with this at all, and I thought that I wanted to work with people who want to change who are aware that something must change in their life now in order to live a happier and more empowering life. I wanted to work with motivated people who love being challenged and that would challenge me. People that yes would feel scared to change but that they would do it anyway.


After that night I really started to think about what she said and I was wondering why people are so scared of changes?


Well, I did not have to think too hard or ask anyone as I was one of those people. I used to get so stressed if something unexpected would disturb my daily routine and jeopardise the need of living my day according to plan. I would start moaning like a baby and do whatever possible to keep the planned agenda, working so hard to bring things back to normal and being so resistant to anything new or any new ideas. Only now I realise how much energy and time and strength I wasted instead of just accepting the change, surrender to it and exploit the many different opportunities coming from it.


When we decide not to change we decide not to grow, to sign a contract for life with our favourite seat in our life, the seat of comfort, where all is going according to plan, where all we see is what we know so that we do not suffer or risk to lose that comfort.


We sit on that comfort seat, watching life pass by and bullying ourselves to believe: “ life is like this, there is not much I can do about it”


Yes, there is so much you can do: if we only stand up from that chair, we will soon start to see the world from a different point of view, much bigger and taller. Changes are a chance to grow a chance to take charge of your life. Yes, a change can go wrong, but in that going wrong, ask yourself what is good about this having gone wrong? What can I learn from it?


We do not have to change something completely, we can take little steps, we can start by changing something little each day:


Change the colour of T shirt you always use for a brighter one

Change your toothpaste

Change the colour of your lipstick

Change the route to work

Change the way you walk


I leave it to you to think of a small change that you could make every day.


By doing this you will get your brain used to changes, you will create new neuropath ways which will make any further change in your life less scary. Your brain will start to feel more relaxed and will start to actually enjoy further and bigger changes that you may want to make in your life.



In changes we grow and find new opportunities for our life.

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