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January 26, 2017



I love walking, truly love it and truly love walking new paths, hidden paths, bumpy paths and also easy one of course.


However, I am aware that it is not the same for many people. I often hear from my clients”I can’t start this path in my life as I do not know if it will be the right one” " What will I do, what If I fail?"


Reflect upon it. Can you hear yourself saying that? Is it the comfortable side of you saying this to yourself, convincing you that is better to be safe and stay where you are than risking moving into an unknown zone.


What if you were to start walking in the path you love?  Pause, think.

Here your mind goes  “ What If it is the wrong one, if I fail?”

Ok. Acknowledge that.

Ask yourself…. What if it is the wrong one? What is the worst that can happen?


Let’s open our mind to possibilities and make the whole path thing less scary to our comfortable mind….


Well you could take a deviation, you could change few things, you could learn so much, you can get new ideas to start walking another path…..and imagine the beautiful experience, the enrichment you could get from just walking new territories, meeting new people….

Would it be the end of the world, of yourself, of your life if things might not go to plan?


First of all if you set the intention and energy to a good positive outcome you make yourself at an advantage already ( as you know we create our reality with our mind/thoughts and actions).


If we do not start walking any path in life we would never know if it is the right or wrong one. The same apply for new business ventures, new jobs opportunities  and new relationships.

You are the master of your life and the one driving your car, so whatever happens you always have a choice in any given moment ( and the number of positive/learning choices are limitless).


When I started my path as an Entrepreneur I had no idea where I was going, how would that path would look like in 5 years (I did in my mind, I knew how I wanted it to be tough), so after figuring out the first few steps, I started walking….and here I am, still walking, Still moving.  And what a journey it has been, I took turns, change direction, went through few storms. saw the rainbows and the stars.......it has been truly, amazingly, beautifully empowering!


If I had listened to all the ifs and buts and limitations my mind had, I would have never started ( and oh ….what would I have missed in my life…).


When I started I felt like my 20 years old self, backpacking to all the 50 countries I have visited, with few things in my rucksack and lots of motivation, excitement to see what scenery, people that path would have brought to my life. And yes I did think of the ugly staff too but I did not make it the reason for not starting walking as I was aware I could choose my reaction to situations, people, find alternatives shortcuts or longer path...as long as I walked forward.


We are meant to walk, move in our life, the Law of movement says that everything moves, that we constantly move and keeping still and static in our comfortable place would mean to go against this law, consequently causing us anxiety, depression and negative vibrations.


We are truly meant to move, move forward and go through changes in our life and the universe has everything in our favour, if only we could see it more. That is how it is programmed.


I so invite you to write down your path. Start visualising it, figure out the first few actions and then go, the rest will come by default!


Happy walking!


Empowering love,








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