Coaching sessions can be held either  face to face or on skype. I skype anywhere in the world. Coaching sessions last 60 minutes.


Crystal healing and Reiki sessions last 50 minutes and are held at a treatment room in Elephant and Caste, SE1.


Would you like to grow your business or start one?

  Then I might have the right solution for you. I have created an online program consisting of 4 videos and worksheets aimed at helping you create and grow the thriving and daring business you dream of.


If you are new to your business or have been in business for less than 2 years and you:

-feel like giving up

-do not know where your next client will come from 

-have tried many things but still you do not have a strong foundation and a strong message

-look at others business owner and think it will never happen to you

-long for a consistent strategy

-are looking for new ideas

-are aware that something in your mind has got to change

Then this might be for you.

This course will:

-help you to bring a strong foundation into your business

-help you to find out who is your ideal client and where to find it

-help you putting together a strong offering that your ideal client desires

-give you the right mindset to succeed and be confident in your sales and message

-help you to overcome money and energy blockages in your business

-give you the right energy to take actions NOW

I share so many tips, tricks and secrets I have used successfully in my business. All the techniques are simple ad super effective and if practiced and actioned will give you the results you long for.

This is only for the committed ones, for the ones whose desire to succeed is stronger than their fears......

All of this for £27

( Normal Price £97)

Your future self and business will thank you for this forever.

To your success,




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Debora Luzi