"I found the coaching sessions very helpful and i have to say they exceeded my expectactions. Debora was really warm and patient with a great ability to take you outside of your comfort zone. She definetely helped me to go beyond my fears and encouraged me to take actions. I would definetely work with Debora again and I would recommend her as an excellent coach."
Fabien Enjalric
Parlance Language School
" I had never had a coach before and this has been an incredible experience in my life. My sessions with Debora were great. She used visualisation exercises to bring me more in contact with myself and my real desires, it was like having a new sensory system. I noticed that i was more present after the sessions and people around me reacted differently as I was much more positive. Debora is caring, empathetic and insightful.
I saw significant improvements in various aspects of my life in only a short period of time"
Cristina Lauretti
Language School founder
" Coaching with Debora has empowered me to completely change my life and finally take actions on the things that made me unhappy. Most importantly it helped me to get rid of many limiting beliefs that were stopping me from taking action. I have achieved my long and short term goals. I have particularly enjoyed the visualisations and breathing exercises which helped me a lot"
Lucia Pestana
Human Resources Manager
"Debora has been a great sounding board and has helped me peel back the layers of some professional challenges to find my desired outcomes. She is patient and grounded, and her coaching has helped me visualize what I want and plan how to get there."
Kristin Bayliss

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