"Investing in Debora's program was one of the best investment of my life"

Margarita P. 

"Just ONE session into our four month training , just one (!!) and in the last 24 HOURS alone I have made £2k and tomorrow I will make the same again!!

If this is the result of one coaching session - I am in awe of the next 9!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything that you do, you're extraordinary and I am so blessed to have met you.

Sarah M. 


"I met Debora a few months before I left my job, having worked for the same company for quite some years, to go full-time as a complementary therapist. I was quite nervous about leaving my job but when I met Debora I knew straight away that she would be able to help me through those initial difficult months.  Debora challenged my thinking, client charges and we talked of the importance of self care.  Debora helped me to see and think "outside the box" and increase treatment charges.  The talks we had on self care proved to be a real eye opener as I realised I had never learnt the importance of looking after myself and how to do it.  Thank you Debora, you have really helped me a lot!"

Ann K.

Holistic Therapies and massage

"Coaching with Debora has completely changed my life"

Lucia P. 

HR Consulting and Coaching

"Thank you so much for the coaching and mentoring you have given me over 4 months. You have helped me so much with the change of direction of my business  with getting my message across and with not being afraid to speak my truth.

Your sessions made me feel so energised, making me tackle all obstacles head on. 

What I find so great in what your offer is the spirituality behind all you do. 

You leave people with the tools to continue along their journey in order to reach their next goal.

Yvette M.

Lomasi Business owner 

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Debora Luzi