"The Chakra Way"
Your journey to a more balanced you

"The Chakra Way, Your journey to a more balanced you"

is an online program which will help you to deeply unblock any stuck energy and emotions in  your chakra centers, allowing you to live a more balanced and harmonious life.


Have you ever felt like a knot in your throat? Butterflies in your stomach?

Have you ever felt bloated in your stomach or heavy in your heart?

Are you often feeling tired and lacking energy?

Do you feel emotionally stuck?

Do you feel that a certain emotion keep reoccurring in your life, not allowing you to move forward?

Many of these physical sensations are linked to our inner energies and any blockages that we have in our chakras centers. Imagine your inner energies being like spinning wheels bringing energy and wellbeing to your body, mind and soul. Now imagine these wheels not spinning and struggling to spin?

This is when we start to feel blocked, stuck, when we feel depressed, angry, unloved, when we are not happy or content and we cannot  understand why.

If these wheels spin as they are meant to, our life will be much more balanced, empowering and harmonious.


 go deep inside yourself to make you reflect about your life

release patterns which are always occurring in your life

overcome negative feelings and experiences you had in your past which you internalised so much not allowing energy to flow freely

remove emotional blockages

teaching you a new balanced way to approach life

giving you tips you will treasure for life to feel calmer, more balanced and positive

teach you how to live the Chakra way into harmony and wellbeing

Through videos, exercises and guided meditation this program  will take you on a journey of self-discovery that will truly unleash your inner energy, freeing you from stagnant patterns, doubt, fears about yourself and your life.

"The chakra way is a true journey to claim back a balanced, harmonious and empowering life"


The program will consists of:

9 recorded videos and a worksheet to accompany the video with exercises for each chakra.

It is a self study program so you have the freedom to listen to the videos and do the exercises at times that are most convenient for you.

I so believe in this program and the positive effects that can bring to your life that I will offer a 15 days money back guarantees if you do not feel satisfied with it.

"The Chakra Way"




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Your inner energies will never be the same again!


Empowering and daring love,



© 2019 By Debora Luzi 

Debora Luzi