The 3 key Mindsets for a successful business

  Coaching sessions can be held either  face to face or on skype. I skype anywhere in the world. Coaching sessions last 60 minutes.


Crystal healing and Reiki sessions last 50 minutes and are held at a treatment room in Elephant and Caste, SE1.


  Did you know that the success of our life and business is determined 80% by what is going on in our mind ( beliefs, thinking, fears) and 20% by your marketing and sales skills.

My mind was sabotaging me from being where I wanted to be in my business for so long:

" Who are you to do this?

" You can't charge that much?

" I can't find any clients, nobody wants to work with me"

Until I made three key shifts in my mind which changed everything for me and my business.

After this shift I finally sold my first high end program to my soul clients and this was....Priceless for me as it gave me the confidence and the conviction I needed to move forward and take that leap of faith in my business. 

" The 3 Key mindset that got me £4k in two weeks"

a three part video training, with worksheets to consolidate your learnings, which will blew your mind ( as one of the client who took this training said)

This training will:

-help you to make that mindset shift to finally sell those big end programs or any product or service you offer

-help you find and connect to your ideal soul client

-help you to give you the confidence you need to serve with conviction and purpose 

-give you clarity in the road map of your business 

-help you to bring to live that desire to succeed in your business no matter what

-rewire your biggest money limitations and beliefs 

This is only for the committed ones, for the ones whose desire to succeed is stronger than their fears......

All of this for £27

( Normal Price £107)

Your future self and business will thank you for this forever.

" This totally blew my mind, it is exactly what I needed, thank you, thank you" Sarah M.

To your success,




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Debora Luzi